A Volunteer-Run Organization
Promoting, Ecouraging, and Supporting YMCA Competitive Swimming for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware

27 YMCAs - 56 Individual Teams - 3500 Swimmers

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Board Members

Photo Title Name Send Email Last Update
PennDel President Elliot Berton Send Email 07-Feb-2021
PennDel Treasurer Patrick M. Ryan Send Email 12-Jun-2019
PennDel Member at Large Howard Halpern Send Email 21-Sep-2021
PennDel Officals Chair Fred Polaski Send Email 12-Jun-2019
PennDel Vice President-Rules Bert Hewitt Send Email 31-Jan-2020
PennDel Member at Large Rick Carson Send Email 07-Feb-2021
PennDel Member at Large Sonia Wolbert Send Email 14-Aug-2021
PennDel CHMSC Chair Mark Fisher Send Email 04-Apr-2021
PennDel Member at Large Jenn Woods Send Email 07-Feb-2021
PennDel Championship Chair Carl Sandoe Send Email 12-Jun-2019
PennDel Scheduler, Coaches Rep Erik Nelson Send Email 22-Sep-2020
PennDel Member at Large Kelly Burk Send Email 29-Mar-2020
PennDel WebMaster Tom Warrick Send Email 20-Dec-2019
PennDel Girls' Commissioner Ken Burk Send Email 14-Aug-2021
PennDel Secretary Bruce Cooper Send Email 19-Aug-2021

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