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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Minutes - June 8, 2020
 Board Minutes - June 8, 2020
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Author: Tom Warrick
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June 8, 2020

Attendance:  Elliot Berton, Kelly Burk, Ken Burk, Bruce Cooper, Mark Fisher, Howard Halpern, Bert Hewitt, Erik Nelson, Fred Polaski, Carl Sandoe, Tom Warrick, Jenn Woods, (All participation By Zoom conference)

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm.

Officials Training: The Board discussed holding the fall training classes and clinics via Zoom or some similar media.  It was a unanimous decision to work towards offering classes and clinics that way in the fall.

Minutes:  The May 11, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes were approved following some minor edits.

Finance:  The Board reviewed the financial documents showing the balance of funds and highlighted transactions during the last month.  The Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Impact of Pandemic: As restrictions are easing, there is information that some of the YMCA's are opening with various protective measures in place.  Some of the pools are opening for lap swim and outdoor recreation.  There is a limited number of competitive swimmers who may be back in the water within the next couple of weeks.  The Board discussed sending a questionnaire to the members to gain further information about the upcoming fall season and who might be opening, and whether or not they expect to have a swim team for the fall season.  The Board understands that things are changing rapidly, and the understanding is evolving. As it does, the Board will try to do what is possible. 

Championship Records: The Board revisited the project to finalize Divisional Championship records.  The discussion about which events by age groups would be recognized as a record at the championship meets was clarified and a list will be presented at the next Board meeting for finalization.

New Business:  A recommendation was made to begin to look at a date for the fall League meeting.  It was suggested that it would be easier to have a date and then adjust if necessary, versus waiting to try to pick a date.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, Bruce Cooper

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